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LUCAN and the author Peter Evans…

The 40th anniversary of the Unsolved Nanny Murder arrives this November, EvanScope offers Peter’s ebook on the episode.

Back then, the early Sixties London was truly exciting. Bingham met Peter Evans over the gambling tables at The Clermont.  Both enjoyed a certain notoriety: At the time Peter lived the highlife running his successful chains of restaurants and nightclub Raffles. Both dressed well, frequenting Savile Row, Evans being voted best Best Dressed Man 1965; Lucan was adjudged “too real” in his screen test for James Bond.

Both ‘played’ as journalists: Evans covering tennis especially Wimbledon for West African newspapers, Lucan wrote on gambling for Oxford University magazine.

They also shared tales of marital problems: Peter's first wife, with her mother, resorted to camouflage in Indian dress, to follow Peter to get evidence of adultery for then divorce was not so easy. Their  bitter, acrimonious divorce and custody battles made headlines and legal history. Later, Bingham-Lucan spied on wife Veronica in his battle for his children.

Both men found the breakdown of their marriage costly,  financially, and emotionally, each suffered insomnia as a result. Peter and Lucky Lucan took pleasure and excitement in their Bentleys, Rolls Royce and fast driving.

This book is an entertaining ‘faction’ for like most friends of Lord Lucan Peter found it impossible to believe the man committed the murder!


“With colder weather here we all tend to drink more hot drinks during the day. But if you want to ensure good night’s sleep, stop your afternoon caffeine hit (tea and coffee) by 4pm.”

Peter Evans aka Zachariah Evans
Sleeplessness Cured

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