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The Cremation - Peter Evans 

Peter Evans was cremated at Weeley Crematorium, Essex on 19 July 2014, at a Humanist ceremony, then his ashes interred in the Frinton Old Churchyard, November, 2014.

Following a highly successful, public life as an entrepreneur - The Cat’s Whisker, Angus Streak Houses, Peter Evans' Eating Houses, and Raffles [Kings Road, Chelsea members-only nightclub still running after more than 50 years] - Peter was a husband, father, grandfather, author, publisher in the second half of his 87 years.

His cardboard coffin was decorated with photographs and certificates illustrating his life, the four sides and lid a pictorial tribute to this much-loved, much-missed human.

Peter spent the last ten months of his life in bed with a broken back. However, he had much enjoyed playing tennis in his youth, winning many trophies in England, Africa, Australia some with his brother John; and shared his love of the game with second wife Gail, who used to referee Sunday morning games in Brisbane with their best man Hugh Lunn. Peter and Gail loved to read and watch cricket, although due to ill health Peter never got to take advantage of his MCC membership. He was pleased his Australian grandchildren had inherited his genes, being keen junior surf lifesavers and champion athletes.