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All publishing houses have to start somewhere and we think we have a good cross-section of publications: Novels, an autobiography, a nostalgic Cookbook and a selection of the Health Passports that we encourage you to read. We hope you then return to our shop where you can purchase and download to your favourite eReader.

It is with sadness we launch our website as the lead writer
Peter Evans passed away in July 2014 which explains why our listing of publications isn't as full as we had hoped from day one. We shall be adding more of Peter’s works, including short stories and further Passports, in the near future.

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Lucan - The Millions he did gamble, and the murder he didn’t commit

The author got to know Lucan well, gambling against him over several years.
This faction reveals plenty of surprises, including the unexpectedly central role of two women.
And are you sure he is dead…?
Will reading this change your mind? Let us know.
Without a doubt Lucan. private zoo keeper John Aspinal and author Peter Evans shared a certain notoriety, a fame, that kept, and keeps their name in the media.

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Dead King Hiding

The cruellest of all empires and the genius who successfully hid his remains and his treasure from the world he once owned.
Murder, mystery mayhem…come with us on this trip… it won’t be easy or pleasant and you will have to stay alert for the dangers are everywhere. Even so, suitable for teenagers looking for a rollicking read.

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Megadeath (re-issue)

A chilling forecast of an inevitable future — or are we here already? And the heroic journalist who tried to hold back time.
Eat dinner first, your views on food will be changed, after reading this thriller.

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An Unemployable Dunce

Perkily written autobiography about the success made by a self-confessed unemployable dunce…heavily illustrated with photographs, intimate, honest.

His greatest contribution to London life remains the nightclub Raffles, where our young princes play after dark.
Alas, Peter passed away recently after a long illness that confined him to his bed, where, incidentally, he put his award-winning insomnia cure to good use! nightly!

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Passport out of Jet Lag

Booked your holiday? Applied for your passport?

Don’t be let down when you arrive at your long-distance holiday destination because you are feeling tired, poorly, just wanting to sleep.

This little Health Passport will set you right. Land ready to holiday.

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Passport out of Snoring

No one loves a snorer. Disturbed sleep for partner and even family.
Buy this Passport and restore peace and quiet to your home and enjoy a decent sleep every night.
Buy our Passport on insomnia and everyone will be sleeping well, as they should.

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The Sixties Cookbook

Being a Low Guide to the High Art of Nosh!

Splendidly, and heavily illustrated by Willie Rushton, this re-issue recalls dishes of yesterday in a fun, entertaining menu. Hilarious. Informative. Full of interesting ideas and time-saving dishes.

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Passport out of Insomnia

Insomnia is not painful; you just quietly lie somewhere in between something and somewhere leading to nowhere. Insomnia is greedy, it feeds itself hugely on uncontrolled, undisciplined thoughts and half-thoughts. Two-thirds of adults in the UK fail to get a good night’s sleep. If you are one, then you need this book.If your child does not get sleep classes at school, then advice herein can be adapted.

“Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.” — Friedrich Nietzsche
“People who snore always fall asleep first.” — Author unknown [See our Passport on snoring,we have answers for that, too.]

The first edition, called ‘Sleeplessness Cured’, won the Social Invention 1993 Award in the Health category.

“Cured, as soon as I read your book — I always thought my timing was wrong.”

— Mrs S, Hants; Aged 61


— W. G., London; Aged 72

“… a lovely little book - it works!”

— BBC Radio Wales